Networking like a PRO!

Networking is key to building relationships in any business venture. Whether you’re just starting
out or you’ve been in the game for a while. Networking with the right people can help take your
business to the next level. However, if you’re not ready with the right press, you can miss out on
a lot of opportunities.
Brittany Raji Alberty is changing the game with some phenomenal case studies. She is the host
of “Marketing Money Moves” on the social audio app, Clubhouse. These case studies can be
found on Clubhouse every Sunday. This is a conversation to listen in on if you want the best
marketing gems and strategies. If you’re ready to learn and network like a mogul, then continue
to read this blog post! You might be wondering how you can network like a mogul? Well, here
are some tips to help you get started.
In the digital age, it's not enough to simply release your content and hope for success. Nicki
Manaj is a great example of maximizing press. She recently released a single with Lil Baby
entitled, “Do We Have A Problem.” To be honest, the music video was like a movie. It was
wonderfully shot to capture the essence of the music culture. Nicki Manaj worked ahead of time
to have a successful campaign for this single! She utilized every opportunity to get press
opportunities. Below you will see some statistics about the views Nicki acquired prior to or after
the release of her new music video:
“Impressive Channel:” 92,000 views in 7 hours.
“Entertainment Tonight:” 78,000 views in 19 hours.
“Hollywood Life:” 3.5 million views in 1 day.
Learn how to use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter like Nicki Minaj. In order to
create momentum before releasing anything at all, you must get new eyes on your business.
Take advantage of your online presence by seeking out all press opportunities. Inquire with
different press outlets and follow up with potential collaborators in your industry. Learn how to
nurture opportunities into leads while scaling up production rates too.
Network to meet new people as you nurture warm leads. Nicki Minaj has mastered the art of
networking by getting in front of new eyes. Talk to your digital community as you build new
leads. Be strategic! You must come up with a plan that will allow you to harness the traffic
online. In order for people to be aware of your product or service, take the time to network as
you build relationships. Leverage platforms like Clubhouse to get in front of new listeners. Let
people hear the value you have to offer as a business owner. Knowledge is only important in
business if you apply what you learned. Learn how to network and add value! Let me ask you a
● How do you start a conversation with someone when networking?
● What is your intention when networking?
● Are you marketing in a strategic way?

There are endless opportunities in this world for your business. If you’re worried about the
investments you have to make to grow your business then entrepreneurship isn’t for you. You
must be willing to sit with the elite to make a name for your brand or business in 2022. Be clear
in the way that you network. Learn how to speak to other bosses so they can put you into their
community. This is how you enlarge your territory.
Networking is a skill that can seem like an intimidating process. However, the benefits of
networking on any online platform can grow your business tremendously. At first, you might not
see the results. However, you must stay consistent with the way you network. Build communities
that support your business. Offer rewards so that your community remains loyal. Show support
to those that trust, respect, and value your service. This is how you grow your network.
To get the most out of your business, it's important to attend events and networking
opportunities that will help you grow. Join groups for professionals in similar fields as well. Make
intentional connections on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Clubhouse. Then, have a
strategic plan to build awareness around your business. There are many ways you can add
value to the business world. Utilize your skills to build, grow, and improve.
Networking is an essential part of business. Regardless of your industry, you can build valuable
relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. By attending the right networking events
and using the proper techniques, your marketing efforts will go to the next level. We hope you
feel more confident in your ability to network after reading this blog post. The next time you go
to a networking event, promote a product or service, please be prepared. Remember these tips
and make the most of every opportunity. Are you planning your next launch now? Then, start
with the right networking strategies. See you all next time!

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