Marketing Money Moves

Making money moves within your business is essential for success in 2022. However, making
the wrong decisions can be costly. Brittany Raji is a phenomenal marketing guru that has
impacted millions of lives. Her money moves have sparked a thought-provoking conversation
that we will discuss in this blog post. It’s time to discuss strategies and tips to help you make the
best money moves in 2022 so that you can benefit in your business. Let’s go!
Making money moves within your business can seem daunting. Some of you don’t even know
what “Money moves” means. Sure, it’s an analogy and can take on many meanings for those
that have different perspectives. However, it’s important to be strategic with your money moves.
When it comes to growing your bottom line, money moves will allow you to see growth. Take the
time to study the market and trends within your industry. There are a lot of aspects that go into
your money moves. It all starts with a plan. Do you have a plan for your money moves in 2022?
Here are a few tips to help you get started in 2022 as a business owner. First, make sure you're
pricing your products and services correctly. Don’t undervalue your time. You may need to
experiment a bit to find the right balance in your business. Having the right price sheet is worth it
in the long run. Additionally, think about ways you can increase customer-loyalty as you drive
word-of-mouth marketing. What do I mean by that? Well, we have social audio apps today that
allow us to speak about our business at the push of a button. Be ready to speak with authority
so that people see the value in investing in your business.
Offer great customer service all the time. When you focus on quality in your business, there will
always be a market for you. Utilize smart strategies to stay ahead of your competition. Finally,
target your advertising and marketing efforts towards the right audience. Knowing your target
market inside and out will help you allocate resources or funds more effectively. It’s time to
achieve better results with money moves! Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way today.
You can't grow unless you take risks. The only way to do that is by networking with people,
collaborating on projects, and building relationships. You must believe in yourself and your
business's capabilities completely! Risk-taking may not always work out but it pays off when you
take strategic steps in business. Make sure everything in your business has been thought
through before taking any major moves.
“Money Moves” can start off as a leap forward. Yet, we find out who is really strong when
challenges occur. If nothing went wrong in your business, life would be perfect. However, perfect
doesn’t exist. In order for your strategies to pay off financially, know what kind of return
investment each risk brings. Review your plans before making moves. It’s alright to take two
steps back to take one step forward. Let your reactions set you up for success. Don’t be quick to
act. Listen, observe, and pay attention. Your target audience will tell you everything you need to

The future of marketing is now at your fingertips. Technology has allowed for the creation and
implementation of new strategies that were unimaginable just ten years ago. It takes some great
money moves to be successful in this competitive year. In order to be successful, you must
navigate through these changing times with a strong mentality. Understand how major
corporations like Walmart are elevating their game by following some key tips:
● Be intentional with every plan.
● Be motivated.
● Have integrity.
In 2022, it's all about making your clients commit. Give them a sense of what they will get from
you by calling out specific actions and outcomes that can be achieved with just one phone call
or email. Give people enough time to think over these proposed deals before deciding whether
or not your business is a great investment. Learn how to process your value so it can be
You’ve made it! Congratulations on learning more “Money Moves.” Now, it’s time to reflect on
your success and lessons. Learn from every decision as you make moves that will improve your
bottom line in 2022. Listen to some recommendations and tips in my Clubhouse rooms. We
discuss a variety of topics that will change your business forever. We wish you all the best as
you continue working hard to grow your company in 2022.

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